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Is THIS where the bikes park?

Is THIS where the bikes park?

School’s back in session, and kids across America have begun to mount their bikes for a quick ride to campus.  All those students needed somewhere special to park at this new grade school in Texas, so PW answered the call!  These galvanized double-sided bike racks are an affordable way to secure dozens of bikes in public spaces like schools, malls, city centers, and parks.  Check out our huge selection of bike racks…we’re sure one of them will be perfect for your space!

This Is The BEST Product We’ve Launched This Year!

The most elegant of memorials is this classic bronze engraved plaque securely mounted to our beautiful Hyde Park Bench

We’ve been working diligently for the past few months to develop a personalized site furnishing option for our customers, and we’re so excited to say IT’S READY! With three options for personalization, there is an option that’s bound to be perfect for your customers.  We can engrave directly into aluminum planking (picnic tables, players benches, etc.) or recycled plastic (benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles).  Also available is an engraved aluminum plaque that can be countersunk and permanently mounted to the back of our recycled plastic benches, or a classic bronze plaque that can be engraved and mounted to our vertical […]