Labor Day Is About More Than A 3 Day Weekend

To most people Labor Day may just be a nice, little three day weekend that signals the end of summer, but it’s much more to us.

PW Athletic Mfg. employees have been working very hard this summer, manufacturing site furnishings and athletic equipment for our many customers.  They live and work in Mesa, Arizona, in a climate known for it’s hot sun and tough summers.  They, like so many other American workers, show up every morning and put in a full day of work, made even more difficult by 110 degree afternoon temperatures.  And they don’t sit in air conditioned offices…they weld, they grind, they blast, and they powder coat, all of which require safety equipment and protective gear that add to the stifling temperatures.

So this Labor Day we want to take just a few minutes and recognize the men who handcraft each item we deliver to our customers.  These are the men without whom PW Athletic could not succeed.  We’ll enjoy our holiday weekend, and we sincerely hope they enjoy theirs!