DuPont Circle Series Litter Receptacle

Heavy-Duty Receptacle made with 2-3/8" O.D. steel tubing frame and 2" x 4" Recycled Plastic Planking. All receptacles shipped with 32 gallon removable plastic container. Comes standard with in-ground support post. PW offers lids in two styles including a flat steel or domed plastic. The steel lid can be powder coated.

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Available Models
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Heavy-Duty Litter Receptacle with 1-1/2" Steel Strap Sides, side opening
1307-02RCP-SH277 lbs$1,865
Heavy-Duty Litter Receptacle with Recycled Plastic Boards, side opening
Heavy-Duty Litter Receptacle with 1/2" Steel Rod Sides, side opening