Heavy-Duty NCAA Regulation Goals

22236-01_wShadowOur NCAA regulation soccer goals are made to meet some of the most stringent requirements of today’s competitive programs. Providing a front opening of 8′ x 24′, the uprights and crossbars are manufactured of 4″ square steel or aluminum and are powder coated white. Net supports and bent frames are manufactured of 2-3/8″ O.D. galvanized steel.

Optional anchor system or ground sleeves are available to meet your specific requirements.  Nets, Ties, and Augers are sold separately.

10 Year Limited Warranty on Goals

*Order square and round sleeves to make these permanent goals removable.

Model # Description Weight
2236-00* Steel Goals without net supports (Permanent) 554
2236-00A* Aluminum Goals without net supports (Permanent) 300
2236-01* Steel Goals with 2 net supports (Permanent) 780
2236-01A* Aluminum Goals with 2 net supports (Permanent) 526
2236-02* Steel Goals with 3 net supports (Permanent) 820
2236-02A* Aluminum Goals with 3 net supports (Permanent) 800
2236-03* Steel Goals with European-Style net supports (Permanent) 595
2236-03A* Aluminum Goals with European-Style net supports (Permanent) 340
2237-01 Steel Goals with end frames (Portable) 998
2237-01A Aluminum Goals with end frames (Portable) 696