Baseball Bases

Heavy-Duty major league bases, home plate and pitching rubber made from white rubber. The model #8503-00 (set of 3) and #8500-00 bases include ground anchors. Plugs purchased separately.

Available Models
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Heavy Duty Batting Tee - Official Plate
8500-0024 lbs$206
Home Plate with Anchor
8501-0025 lbs$206
Professional Style Home Plate (Bury Mount)
8502-013 lbs$76
Ground Anchors Only Set of 3
8502-023 lbs$76
Plugs for Ground Anchors Only Set of 3
8503-0048 lbs$363
Complete Set of 3 Bases Includes anchors
8504-0056 lbs$414
Dislodging Safety Base Set of 3
8505-0040 lbs$341
Double First Base
8510-0030 lbs$232
4-Way Pitching Rubber Bury Mount