Heavy-Duty Hooded truss backstop w/Unpainted Douglas Fir planking (Special Quote Request Only)

Our largest, conventional type, hooded backstop ideal for league use. This model comes in two sizes and provides excellent ball capture, permitting more freedom in the placement of playing fields. Manufactured from Heavy-Duty galvanized steel, with 4-1/2" O.D. vertical support post and 2-7/8" O.D. arched truss with 2-3/8" O.D. supports. Chain link mesh is 9-gauge on rear and side panels with 11-gauge on the hood. Planking is made from green 2" x 12" recycled plastic and is five high on the rear and two high on the sides. Frame and mesh come standard as galvanized or powder coat and vinyl mesh is available in our 3 colors at an additional price.

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1246-43PV5,560 lbs$CALL
OBS 20' D; Front 20'H x 60'W; Rear 12'H x 20'W; Side 28'W; PC Frame & VC Mesh