Basketball Nets

Our basketball nets are available in three styles to fit your court: chain, nylon, and vinyl. All nets are compatible with #39 and #41 goals; chain nets are compatible with #44 goals; vinyl and nylon are compatible with #45. Our nets offer an affordable, durable compliment to our posts and backboards , allowing to fullfill all your basketball needs.


 We extend a one- year warranty for all basketball nets. Our warranty covers any well-maintained products used for their intended purpose. See details here

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Available Models
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33 3 lbs$26
Chain Net (Fits Rims 39, 41, 44)
34 1 lbs$19
Super Nylon Net (Fits Rims 39, 41, 45)
35 4 lbs$84
Super Chain Net (Fits Rims 39, 41, 44)
36 3 lbs$59
Vinyl Cable Net (Fits Rims 39, 41, 45) - Permanet TM