Heavy-Duty Bike Rack

This style of bike rack, manufactured of galvanized steel, is our heaviest and most rugged version available. By design, the bike rack is 30" high x 42" deep and may be entered from both sides. Anchoring holes are pre-drilled. Ships unassembled.

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Available Models
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1607-06G50 lbs$726
6 spaces 2'4" long galvanized
1607-06P50 lbs$895
6 spaces 2'4" long powder coated
1607-08G80 lbs$811
8 spaces 5'3" long galvanized
1607-08P80 lbs$1,023
8 spaces 5'3" long powder coated
1607-16G159 lbs$980
16 spaces 10'4" long galvanized
1607-16P159 lbs$1,220
16 spaces 10'4" long powder coated
1618-04G130 lbs$782
4 loop 36"H x 22"W x 73"L 8 spaces galvanized
1618-04P130 lbs$914
4 loop 36"H x 22"W x 73"L 8 spaces, powder coated