Roller Coaster Bike Rack

One of our most popular bike racks for years on end, the roller coaster version features a multi-loop style. Manufactured from either 2-3/8" O.D. galv. steel or stainless steel, this unit stands 36" in height

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Available Models
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1602-05G60 lbs$508
5 spaces 38" long galvanized
1602-05P60 lbs$543
5 spaces 38" long powder coated
1602-05SS60 lbs$1,318
5 spaces 38" long stainless steel
1602-07G90 lbs$559
7 spaces 64" long galvanized
1602-07P90 lbs$613
7 spaces 64" long powder coated
1602-07SS90 lbs$1,950
7 spaces 64" long stainless steel
1602-09G125 lbs$592
9 spaces 87" long galvanized
1602-09P125 lbs$691
9 spaces 87" long powder coated
1602-09SS125 lbs$2,505
9 spaces 87" long stainless steel
1602-11G155 lbs$726
11 spaces 113" long galvanized
1602-11P155 lbs$837
11 spaces 113" long powder coated
1602-13G175 lbs$781
13 spaces 139" long (requires center post) galvanized
1602-13P175 lbs$906
13 spaces 139" long (requires center post) powder coated
1602-13SS175 lbs$3,626
13 spaces 139 long (requires center post) stainless steel