Parking Bollards

Permanent Bollard

Parking Bollards are 36" high and available in 4 sizes of galvanized steel including cap. Installed permanently or in sleeves with optional locking device.

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Available Models
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1100-03G38 lbs$249
3-1/2" Bollard, Galvanized
1100-03P38 lbs$290
3-1/2" Bollard, Powder Coated
1100-04G54 lbs$265
4-1/2" Bollard, Galvanized
1100-04P54 lbs$307
4-1/2" Bollard, Powder Coated
1100-05G74 lbs$295
5-9/16" Bollard, Galvanized
1100-05P74 lbs$339
5-9/16" Bollard, Powder Coated
1100-06G104 lbs$331
6-5/8" Bollard, Galvanized
1100-06P104 lbs$376
6-5/8" Bollard, Powder Coated