Soccer Nets

The Premium-Grade Soccer Net is manufactured of Heavy-duty 6mm polyester with a 4" square mesh size, making the most durable on the market. Available in Orange or White. The Standard-Grade Soccer Net is the same as our premium net except it is made with 4mm polyester.

Available Models
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836634 lbs$312
Pair of 8' x 24' Heavy-Duty soccer net Orange 4mm braided
8367-O50 lbs$565
Pair of 8' x 24' Orange Premium-Grade soccer nets 6mm braided
8367-W50 lbs$537
Pair of 8' x 24' White Premium-Grade soccer net 6mm braided
8380-W26 lbs$278
Pair of 7' x 21' Heavy-Duty soccer net White 4mm
8381-O20 lbs$233
Pair of 6.5' x 18' Heavy-Duty soccer net Orange 3mm
8385-W16 lbs$224
Pair of 6.5' x 12' Heavy-Duty soccer nets White 4mm