Loop Bike Racks

Designed with ease of use in mind, our loop bike racks fits any size bicycle and can be loaded from either end, depending on specific model chosen. Available in both double and single side-load styles, the single sideload bike rack has loops 16" apart, 21" in height x 18" deep.

Galvanized steel finish is standard, but we offer a wide array colors via a powder coat finish. Our in-house powder coating finish process, allowing us to offer a high-quality process and outcome for a reduced rate, giving our customers assurance they are getting both the best product and the best price.

We offer a ten-year warranty on all bike racks. Our warranty coversany well-maintained products used for their intended purpose. See details here .

Models & Options.

Available Models
1603-04G40 lbs$725
4 spaces single sideload 4'3-1/2" long, galv.
1603-04P40 lbs$924
4 spaces single sideload 4'3-1/2" long powder coated
1603-07G70 lbs$1,056
7 spaces double sideload 4'3-1/2" long galv
1603-07P70 lbs$1,296
7 spaces double sideload,4'3-1/2" long powder coated
1603-08G80 lbs$1,321
8 spaces single sideload 9'7-1/2" long galv
1603-08P80 lbs$1,574
8 spaces single sideload 9'7-1/2 ' long powder coated
1603-15G122 lbs$1,950
15 spaces double sideload 9'7-1/2" long galv
1603-15P122 lbs$2,266
15 spaces double sideload 9'7-1/2" long powder coated