Perfect for parks or campgrounds, PW's grills come in multiple sizes and finishes. Cool grip handles on the sides allow for safe and easy adjustment. Grills can be rotated 360 degrees, and sit on a 3-1/2" O.D. inground or surface mounted post. Optional utility shelves for single and double grills supply handy food prep space. Our Large Group Grill has a whopping 1,008 sq. in. of grilling surface on two separate grates, and four height settings for temperature control.

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Available Models
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1140-00 70 lbs$300
Single Grill, 15" x 20", In-ground Mount
1140-00SH 8 lbs$26
7" x 20" Shelf for Single Grill
1140-05 70 lbs$442
Galvanized Single Grill, 15" x 20", In-ground Mount
1140-05SH 8 lbs$35
7" x 20" Galvanized Shelf for Galvanized Single Grill
1140-10 140 lbs$580
Double Grill, 32" x 20", In-ground Mount
1140-10SH 4 lbs$29
7.5" x 9.5" Side shelf for Double Grill or Group Grill
1140-20 215 lbs$773
28" x 36"Large Group Grill w/utility shelf